Your Heritage is your contribution to future generations.

Family Office

PARfinance helps you preserve and pass on your wealth through planning solutions.

Our understanding of the client's overall wealth, as well as family structure and dynamics, enables us to offer a unique, tailor-made service.

We adapt to the needs of each generation with a wealth of financial expertise in wealth management, tax and legal support and property advice.

These services are based on mutual trust between you and PARfinance. We understand that it takes years to develop a close relationship and few to break it.

Our approach

1. Gathering information

Gather relevant information from the customer on :

2. Valuation

  • Needs and objectives.

  • Family members, close relations and people playing a major role in the family structure.

  • Table of global wealth, including but not limited to businesses, tangible assets, financial assets and related liabilities.

  • Gather the necessary information on the legal and regulatory provisions applicable in the jurisdictions relevant to the client's assets and family.

An inventory of the customer's assets is drawn up with the help of the relevant specialists. The scale of costs is identified. An optimisation model based on the customer's objectives is then put in place.

3. Structuring/Administration

Once the valuation is complete, the company provides the customer with administrative services.

As "administrator", PARfinance will not manage the assets directly, but will supervise the management carried out by specialists chosen by or with the client.

The customer will receive a consolidated overview of his or her overall financial assets. Consolidation involves an unlimited number of custodians and bank accounts. Traditional asset classes such as equities, bonds, cash and hedge funds as well as non-traditional asset classes such as private equity, real estate, insurance funds, loans, direct investments and other types of assets, which the customer may wish to include.

The consolidated statement offers a number of features and benefits, such as performance comparisons with the relevant benchmark, cost assessments and detailed profit and loss analysis.